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SimpleHuman Slim Rectangular Close to-Bar Trash Can Stainless Steel 40L/10.5G - L
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SimpleHuman Slim Rectangular Close to-Bar Trash Can Stainless Steel 40L/10.5G - L

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simplehuman Slim Stride a resign Trash Can, Black Plastic, 10L / 2.6 Gal
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simplehuman Slim Stride a resign Trash Can, Black Plastic, 10L / 2.6 Gal

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simplehuman Slim Persuadable Step Trash Can, Black Plastic, 40 L / 10.6 Gal

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simplehuman Slim Persuadable Step Trash Can, Black Plastic, 40 L / 10.6 Gal by simplehuman

  • Space-saving shape
  • 5-year warranty
  • Dimensions : 19.2 x 10.2 x 25.2 inches

Product Description
The simplehuman slim plastic step can has lid shox for a smooth, silent close and a slide lock that helps keep the lid from being accidentally opened by kids or pets. A steel-accented pedal adds durability, while wheels and an integrated handle make the can easy to move.
Rubbermaid Domicile Slim Trash Can, 45-Quart
Rubbermaid Domicile Slim Trash Can, 45-Quart by Rubbermaid

  • Durable and cleans easily
  • Contemporary slim fit design fits in narrow spaces
  • The step-on feature allows for hands free operation so your hands...

Product Description
The step-on feature allows for hands free operation so your hands stay clear of the can and waste inside. Contemporary slim fit design fits in narrow spaces. Durable and cleans easily. Made in the USA. For nearly 80 years, the Rubbermaid brand has represented innovative, high-quality products that help simplify life. Rubbermaid Slim-Fit Wastebasket, 45-quart, White (FG284802WHT).

ne Stars Gesture Sensor Slim Touchless 13-Gallon Trash Can, Stainless Steel

13 Gallon Touchless NineStarTrash can from Walmart. One is over a year old, and the other is new. Neither has had any issues.

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In Siemens deals, metropolis and its over-taxed residents were easy marks: Sheila ... - PennLive.com

Living in a wiped out city stinks. Ordinary people here are greeted by hardship on a daily basis. Kids don't have the luxury of. well. of anything, come to believe about it. You don't drive your car because its chassis is all out of whack, due to potholed streets. You pay more in property taxes per capita than your suburban neighbors, because that's the way this works here. Your small change gets sucked into the coffers of the financial institutions with whom your state bargained away your well-being. It feels like a the Old Bill state because it is, with a bank inside the precinct. You can't vote with your feet and move -- because it just isn't easy for anybody to up and move, no significance where you live. Still, in the face of all this you try daily to remain positive. You send your kids to school and hope for the best. You hear the stories, like the one about the new fire drill where some teachers got their coats on and let their kids stand outside in freezing weather. You wonder why no one said anything about it. The living soul telling you the story, who witnessed this, shakes her head and says" I dunno. " You just dig deeper into your puffy down jacket and puff off, move forward, a little more deflated. Such is the life in the Capital City, circa 2015. Still, there are standards, no matter how slim the slice allotted to residents of this hasty place. If you buy a ham sandwich, you expect ham. Like everyone else in the USA, you want what you paid for. You don't want to be cheated. You want an chance. You have sucked it up and the stoic in you says that it might get better, even if the city is mired in a lifetime of financial muck and incinerator ash and trash. And then you hear about the dear deal that Siemens, that multinational corporation got, on your hard-earned nickel. If what you read is true, it was the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, avowed patron of people and property, practiced its own form of hostage-taking, by essentially holding a financial gun to the head of the Capital Megalopolis's mayor and council,... When did this kind of work by multinational companies become an essential element of the city's structured working-out. I have a few names in mind. I do know that the guy holding the message gun was a mere Department of Community and Economic Development functionary, prepossessing orders from those higher on the food chain. More curious still was the Siemens dog-and-pony show at the school district offices, where a huge brouhaha is brewing over the Siemens (again. ) account issued on Monday. Apparently, in its district energy audit Siemens (they are everywhere, apparently) took the liberty of manufacturing a write-up that misstated what it had done, what it found, and what was required to fix what it had found, at a cost of about $7... How very convenient, an amount that matches up perfectly with the amount in the area's coffers. The Siemens "findings" have resulted in parents and the union pitching a fit over reportedly failed radiators and such. Fortunately, a few intrepid administrators spoke up , questioned the findings, and Siemens backed down, bringing in a regional representative from out-of-state to constitutional backwards, slowly, out of the woods and into what he hopes is a clearing. Source: www.pennlive.com

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  • A Imprinted Contrarian Signal That the US Market is Toast

    Can any expense reader honestly say he's never considered doing such a thing? And while the odds of getting caught may be slim, it's still change one's mind to think there's a rat hiding behind every bush. Because if you get nabbed, it can be a major bummer

  • 10 Things Being a Origin Has Taught Me

    08/12/13 ,via Babble

    I worn to be a pretty big cynic but now I can't look at a picture of a kitten without feeling a little something going on in my sensitivity and I'm not even a cat person! It's embarrassing. So yeah, being a parent changes you too and not just the type of car


RT @Morgan_Gross9: I turtle-dove my sister but @Slim_Sadie14 and I have been planning to trash can her the first day of high school since we were … 08/12/13, @Slim_Sadie14
I adoration my sister but @Slim_Sadie14 and I have been planning to trash can her the first day of high school since we were 10. Sorry Jord 08/12/13, @Morgan_Gross9
#CyberMonday #5: Rubbermaid Commercial LLDPE 23-Gallon Slim Jim Trash Can, Rectangular, 11" Bore x ... http://t.co/ONF8krcuhh #Shopping 08/12/13, @CyberMondayZone


  • Sandman Slim

    HarperCollins UK. 2012. ISBN: 0007445997,9780007445998. 400 pages.

    Dark fantasy has a new antihero in Sandman Slim, star of this gripping, gritty new series by Richard Kadrey

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  • Liarface! Liarface, soir of one, your table's ready!

    08/12/13 ,via Tulsa World

    Fa an arrest warrant for not giving Baby Veronica back to her adoptive parents, Dusten Brown remained in an undisclosed location Sunday, after the Oklahoma Governmental Guard released him from training duties.

  • Inventor turns himself in to Okla. authorities

    08/12/13 ,via KFDM-TV

    OKLAHOMA Diocese (AP) -- The father of a Cherokee Indian girl at the center of an adoption dispute has turned himself into authorities. Cherokee Nation spokeswoman Amanda Clinton said Dusten Brown turned himself into Oklahoma authorities Monday ...

  • UK bars trash cans from tracking people with Wi-Fi

    08/12/13 ,via Investors Business Daily

    LONDON (AP) — Officials demanded Monday that an advertising anchored stop using a network of high-tech trash cans to track people walking through London's financial district. The Transform ad firm has been using technology embedded in the hulking receptacles to ...

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Umbra Measure 8.5-Gallon Can, Black Recycled. Umbra Step 8.5-Gallon Can, Black Recycled Feature. Trash can made of virgin polypropylene with a loaded-gloss finish

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simplehuman CW1362 Bloodless 10.5 Gallon Slim Trash Can CW136. Read more simplehuman CW1362 White 10.5 Gallon Slim Trash Can CW136 Overview 10.5 Gallon Slim Trash CanA ...

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Roseville, CA - From my parents' backyard
Photo by skronk! on Flickr

new trash phonecam can kenneth

Kenneth also celebrates immigrant of new simplehuman-brand slim pop-lid trash can.
$40 @ Bloodbath & Beyond This is a Important improvement to the kitchen, and one hopes it may discourage people who are so inclined from just throwing trash and garbage and refuse at the general vicinity of the...
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This feels truly Narnian to me all of a sudden.
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Rubbermaid Slim Jim, Slim Jim Trash Can in Estimate - ULINE
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Nine Stars Proposal Sensor Slim Touchless 13.2-Gallon Trash Can

Nine Stars Proposal Sensor Slim Touchless 13.2-Gallon Trash Can

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Husky Slim-Fit, Step-On 10.8-Gallon Black Trash Can - Walmart.com