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simplehuman Sensor Can, Impassion-free Automatic Trash Can Power Adapter
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simplehuman Sensor Can, Impassion-free Automatic Trash Can Power Adapter

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simplehuman CW1867 Semi-In the neighbourhood Step Trash Can, White Steel, 10 L / 2.6 Gal
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simplehuman CW1867 Semi-In the neighbourhood Step Trash Can, White Steel, 10 L / 2.6 Gal

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simplehuman Semi-Globe-shaped Step Trash Can, Black Plastic, 50 L / 13 Gal


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simplehuman Semi-Globe-shaped Step Trash Can, Black Plastic, 50 L / 13 Gal by simplehuman

  • Available custom fit liners for a perfect fit - Code P
  • Strong steel pedal
  • Large capacity for high-traffic areas and busy households

Product Description
The simplehuman semi-round plastic step can has lid shox(R) for a smooth, silent close and a slide lock that helps keep the lid from being accidentally opened by kids or pets.
simplehuman Mini In the neighbourhood Step Trash Can, Stainless Steel, 4.5 L / 1.2 Gal

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simplehuman Mini In the neighbourhood Step Trash Can, Stainless Steel, 4.5 L / 1.2 Gal by simplehuman

  • 10-year warranty
  • Strong steel pedal
  • Finger-print proof

Product Description
The simplehuman classic round can has a compact size that's perfect for small spaces, such as under a desk, or in a bathroom. Durable steel pedal and stainless steel construction. A removable inner bucket makes trash disposal easy.

Simplehuman Trash Can Rehashing {VEDA 4}

VEDA Day 4{Video Day-to-day in August} Yes, people I'm reviewing a trash can :) But, I have to say its a pretty awesome trash can! Simplehuman http://www.simpl...

  • TracieS

    how can i mask my dog from knocking the trash over?

    I most of the time move my trash can to another room when i leave the house but sometimes i forget and i come home to my trash spread all over the house. Any ideas to keep the dog away from the trash can. I forgot to say if its without he doesn't mess with...

    You can authority the trash can with a regular old weight or a big rock. Put it in the bottom of the container. You can get a lidded trash can with a pedal to open it. I have this one:...

  • mimi

    Any compare favourably with trash bags to the simple human liners size H?

    I got a sime man trash can but I feel their liners are expensive , are there any alternatives?

    their website says it is "messy" to look at bags which are too big...because of the wrinkles when you look down reversed your trashcan. so if you dont mind looking at wrinkles in your bag i guess you...

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Two jobs, one can. Organize your trash and recycling with the touch of your hand in our new touch bar recycler: http://t.co/clJRBObapg 08/12/13, @simplehuman
simplehuman New 50L-Liter / 13-Gallon Semi-Straightforward Step Trash Can $71.09 http://t.co/FboOE8ctX9 #trash 08/11/13, @HomeGardenBuys
SimpleHuman Butterfly Sensor Trash Can, Fingerprint-Certification, Stain. Steel 12.6 Gal $175.00 http://t.co/S5VISdfrwc #trash 08/11/13, @HomeGardenBuys


  • Dumber than Dopey, 100 Puke-Worthy Phrases About "Simplehuman"

    Издательство Pubmix.com. ISBN: 5518236077,9785518236073.

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simplehuman's stylish trash solutions are at one's fingertips in a wide range of sizes and styles, making them great kitchen trash cans, and a fit in your bathroom or anywhere ...

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SimpleHuman Trash Can | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

+ Add Michael Plasmeier theplaz Colleague since 2006 Taken on June 21, 2009; Panasonic DMC-FX07; 47 Views 0 Galleries

Amazon.com: Simplehuman Trash Can

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new trash phonecam can kenneth

Kenneth also celebrates new chum of new simplehuman-brand slim pop-lid trash can.
$40 @ Bloodbath & Beyond This is a Bigger improvement to the kitchen, and one hopes it may discourage people who are so inclined from just throwing trash and garbage and refuse at the general vicinity of the...
Photo by Joe Mud on Flickr

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SimpleHuman Trash Can
Photo by theplaz on Flickr

design products

SimpleHuman Trash Can
Photo by theplaz on Flickr

Simplehuman Sensor Can - The Grassy Head

Simplehuman Sensor Can - The Grassy Head

Trash Cans - simplehuman 0.4 Gallon Fortify Counter Top Trash Can ...

Trash Cans - simplehuman 0.4 Gallon Fortify Counter Top Trash Can ...

simplehuman In harmony Trash Can Semi-Round 50L-Liter / 13-Gallon

simplehuman In harmony Trash Can Semi-Round 50L-Liter / 13-Gallon

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