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TrendBox Black Simulation Mini RC Passion Toilet Radio Remote Control Bowl Trash Funny Toy For Party Kids Gifts Games

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TrendBox Black Simulation Mini RC Passion Toilet Radio Remote Control Bowl Trash Funny Toy For Party Kids Gifts Games by TrendBox

  • Can be controlled easily via remote control and go everywhere.
  • Can be used as a multipurpose gadget in addition to providing a...
  • Very suitable to apply on kids parties, funny and interesting.

Product Description

Color: Black
Size (Approx):
Body: 18× 12.7×14.5cm,
Toilet Inside: 9.5×13×5.5cm,
controller: 13×10×6cm,
Antenna: Total Length 19cm

- Operated battery -
Transmitter: AA battery x 2 pieces;
Receiver: 4 x AA battery (Not Included)

Package Included:
1 x Cordless RC Closestool
1 x Remote Control

Dickie Toys Activity Series Garbage Truck

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Dickie Toys Activity Series Garbage Truck by DICKIE TOYS

  • 16 inches long
  • Lights and sounds
  • Includes a trash container

Product Description
It's your turn to keep the city clean with this amazingly fun Garbage Truck. This 16 inch long truck features button operated blinking lights and various sound effects. A motorized arm lifts the garbage can and empties it into the back compartment and then that itself can articulate and dump as well. The vehicle is free-wheeling and comes with an additional garbage container. 2-AA batteries are included so it is ready for play right out of the box! Great for children 3 years old and up. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Remote Control Slops Takes Itself out to the Curb!

No more discouraging and lonely trips from the garage to the street! This garbage can actually takes itself out to the curb! How did we ever live without it!

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    How do I get the bed sheets to beat it transferring its redwine dye?

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  • Michael K

    How much would you pay for a remote controlled trash can?

    You can ride herd on hint at it around and pick up trash from a distance with the built in dust pan arm, which you can move up and down to dump trash into the can.

    It is all marketing in spark of life. Who would have thought the 'Rumba' robotic vacuum cleaner would be a hit. Infomercials on TV to sell all kinds of gadgets that people fall for. All $19.95 / 29.95 for...

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The Remote Control Trash Can! - YouTube

For my infuse with's Invention Convention, a kid in my class made a remote control trash can. It's for disabled/sick/elderly people, so that they don't have to ...

Remote Control Trash Can - Trash Can - Vacuum Cleaners and Storage

Remote Control Trash Can. ... Who Wants the Atomic Waste? 08.08.13. Two years ago today, a tsunami devastated the shore of Honshu in Japan.

Gomiba Go Remote Control Trash Can |Gadgetsin

You're too fed up to here with to get off your cozy sofa, throwing fruit peel into the garbage can? Then take a look at Gomiba Go remote control trash can, it must be a good

Gomiba Go Remote Control Trash Can Like so varied... - ThEssentiaList

Gomiba Go Remote Control Trash Can Like so scads other game changing products from Japan, we can’t tell if this is intended to be a novelty or practical appliance.

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Workin' on it...
I'm making a PlayStation 3 controller that looks and feels like an Xbox 360 controller, because I can't noticeable PlayStation's controllers. They haven't changed significantly since the original release. And no, they're...
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Gomiba Go Remote Control Trash Can

Gomiba Go Remote Control Trash Can
Image by gadgetsin.com

The remote control trash can is priced at $32 USD. If you’re ...

The remote control trash can is priced at $32 USD. If you’re ...
Image by gadgetsin.com