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WhiteWing Steamer - Vapor Steam Cleaner
WhiteWing Steamer - Vapor Steam Cleaner by WhiteWing

  • Destroys germs, viruses, dust mites, molds, fungi, bacteria,...
  • Helps reduce allergies, improves indoor air quality removes soap...
  • Vapor steam cleaning uses true steam to sanitize, deep clean and...

Product Description
Vapor steam cleaning uses true steam (285 degrees F for the WhiteWing) to sanitize, deep clean and deodorize in one easy operation without using cleaning chemicals. This is an attractive cleaning method for allergy sufferers or those who simply prefer fume-free cleaning. Dry steam kills dust mites, viruses, molds, and fungi instantly. A steam cleaner can help with difficult cleaning tasks such as floors, tile grout, upholstery, carpets, car detailing and more. This AllergyBuyersClub.com exclusive steam cleaner is made for home, residential use and comes with a closed circuit board that humidity or overfilling the tank cannot effect. The manufacturer in the commercial market has successfully sold the WhiteWing tools for 6 years. The informative control panel includes: power on & off button, steam release button, orange light low water indicator, green light steam ready indicator, pressure gauge. Let unit cool for 20 minutes before refilling boiler (allows time to take a cleaning break). The filled tank will last up to 2 hrs or more of continuous cleaning time and has an aluminum boiler that heats up a full tank of water in about 10-15 minutes. Key safety features include a safety trigger on handle to activate vapor, locking trigger switch on handle, low water indicator light (orange), pressure safety cap, and pressure gauge. The finger tip steam trigger on the handle provides easy on and off release of steam. A handy chart in the owner's manual tells you which tool and steam level to use for what cleaning chore.
Ivation Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner - Multi-Plan and Multi-Surface All Natural, Chemical-Free Steam Cleaning for Home, Auto, Patio, & More

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Ivation Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner - Multi-Plan and Multi-Surface All Natural, Chemical-Free Steam Cleaning for Home, Auto, Patio, & More by Ivation

  • ALL-IN-ONE STEAM CLEANER - Powerful 1,000W Home Steaming System...
  • QUICK & CONVENIENT - Holds 8.5oz of Water & Produces Hot, Steady,...
  • PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - Handheld System Is Perfect for...

Product Description
A safe, sanitary solution for all that's filthy
Handle every tough-to-clean surface both indoors and out with the Handheld Steam Cleaner by Ivation. This versatile all-in-one steam cleaning system packs a powerful punch, delivering 3 bars of pressure for a fast, hot, steady stream of deep-cleaning vapor. Unlike bleach and other harsh chemicals, our versatile system utilizes pure water to safely sterilize, disinfect and fumigate a variety of home and commercial surfaces. Tackle caked-on grease, ground-in dirt, pesky insects and even wrinkles with 7 interchangeable nozzle attachments. Each tool targets a common hard-to-reach surface, treating everything from blankets, drapery, upholstery and other soft fabrics to stone, tile, glass, ceramic, metal and more. This heavy-duty wonder boasts an integrated water reservoir with extra large capacity, helpful safety locks, and a generous power cord so you can move freely for up to 12 continuous minutes. Struggling with stains? Battling bacteria? A pristine clean is full steam ahead.

Multipurpose Cleaning Magic
From the kitchen to the bathroom to the patio to the car, no mess stands a chance against our all-in-one sterilizing system. This powerful 1,000W steamer moves effortlessly from floor to ceiling, restoring shine and polish to every surface. Use it on hardwood floors, thick rug and carpet, tile and grout, furniture, appliances, vehicles and beyond.

Chemical-Free & ETL-Certified
Bleaches, soaps, and other store-bought cleaning agents pose a health risk to your family and pets. By harnessing the natural antimicrobial power of hot H2O, our product safely treats a number of household threats including bed bugs, lice, nits, scabies mites, skin parasites, dog mange and ear mites. You can even use it to release wrinkles from curtains and clothing.

White Wing Steamer - Best bib Steam Cleaner Review

This terminate video reviews the benefits of the White Wing Streamer. Find out more here http://tinyurl.com/6vjlxt2.

  • kawoo

    Can you use cleansers with a steam cleaner?

    Am all things getting a White Wing Vapor Steam Cleaner. I know that cleansers are 'not necessary' with it but is it okay to use them if I choose? Also, does steam cleaning save time/effort or is it just a diverse way to clean?

    I use cleaners with steam cleaners and it works just powdered. It does save time and makes things a lot easier to keep clean.

  • Carmen V

    Is chicken soup definitely good for you when you are sick or is it a myth?

    I have always made it for myself, for kinsmen when we are sick not really thinking about it. Just curious.

    I am not 50, I'm 13. I got this low-down from this website: http://chetday.com/coldfluremedy.htm When I was growing up in the '50s, my grandmother always said chicken soup was good for what...

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This testy video reviews the benefits of the White Wing Streamer. Find out more here http://tinyurl.com/6vjlxt2

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