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BISSELL PROHeat Region Accessory Pack, 6960W by Bissell

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BISSELL PROHeat Belt Accessory Pack

Shark Steam Rip off Review! Do Steam Cleaners Work?

Till doomsday wonder, like we do, does a steam cleaner actually work? Well, Melissa Maker is here to find out! Visit http://www.cleanmyspace.com for the full post. #*...

  • Lauren W

    My dog knocked over a microscope spectacles of v8 fuit juice in my carpet!?

    I have tried oxi-freshly laundered, laundry stain removers, steam cleaners, carpet cleaners.......any home remedies??

    peroxide locks dye works a treat

  • Stuck in the Middle Ages

    How to get accommodate ready for steam carpet cleaning ("truck-mounted hot-water extraction")?

    I had a directory of things to do before the carpet cleaners come, but I've lost it. Anyone know what we need to do before they arrive at our messy home? I'm sure I need to pick up loose items and approve sure nothing is on top of furniture, but what...

    I work for Serv Pro. All you de facto need to do is just make sure that your carpet has been vacumed very well and that there are no small items on the floor. Pack any valuable and breakable items...

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    Rothstein recalled a carpet cleaner that got so numerous orders from an online coupon that it took them two weeks to return her call, and another two weeks to make it to her place for a cleaning. More importantly, you don't need The social-media

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