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Dutch Rubber Broom (Bountiful) w/ 52" Handle
Dutch Rubber Broom (Bountiful) w/ 52" Handle by TVTimedirect

  • The Dutch Rubber Broom is the ultimate cleaning tool that will...
  • This is the best broom you will ever buy, and the secret is the...
  • Rubber Brooms (12" x 2" head)

Product Description
The Dutch Rubber Broom is the ultimate cleaning tool that will replace a wide variety of conventional cleaning tools. If you're ready for an easier and more effective way to clean, then check out the Dutch Rubber Broom. The heavy-duty polymer bristles will hold up against the toughest and roughest surfaces yet are so gentle, they are safe to use almost anywhere. When you use your rubber broom, pull it towards you, don't push. Nothing stays behind. In one pass, it gets it all. This broom is completely safe to use on any floor in your home, and it will never scratch. With this powerful tool, you will reduce the time and effort it takes to sweep and clean your floors. Features: Indoors and Outdoors: Rubber brooms can be used equally effective indoors or outdoors. Outdoors the tough bristles make easy work of dirty walkways, driveways and patios. Sweeping up wet leaves is a breeze! Indestructible: The natural rubber bristles will not wear, tear or lose its shape like conventional brooms. They have the same strength and durability that car tires do. Sweeping: It can be used for sweeping up dirt from tiled surfaces, wooden floors, linoleum, or almost any other surface imaginable. The hundreds of flexible rubber bristles form a wall to collect all the dirt without stirring up dust. Scrubbing: Used wet, the Dutch Rubber Broom is a great scrubber. The flexible bristles are tough enough for scrubbing rough concrete surfaces but are gentle enough to be used safely on your car's paintwork or windows without the risk of scratching. Carpets: The bristles flex and penetrate into carpet pile to remove unwanted pet hair without the risk of damaging or scuffing valuable furniture. A static charge is built up that actually pulls dirt, dust and hair into the broom. Squeegee: Simply flip it over and let the built-in squeegee remove excess water from floors, walls and windows
BISSELL Strapping Sweep Sweeper, 2402


BISSELL Strapping Sweep Sweeper, 2402 by Bissell

  • Picks up lint, crumbs, and dirt on forward and reverse motion
  • 10-1/2 by 9-1/2 by 43-1/4 inches; 3 pounds
  • Durable steel construction with rubber bumper and nonslip grip

Product Description
Sturdy Sweep Sweeper, 2402B



Ever since Anna and Melville Bissell patented the sweeper in 1876, it’s been the standard for easy cleanup. Whether power or manual, our sweepers work on a variety of surfaces—including hard floors, area rugs, and carpet—so they’re ideal for everyday use. Throw out your broom and dustpan and bring home an easier clean.

Manual Sweepers

The BISSELL Sturdy Sweep has 4 small brushes placed on the corners of its foot, in addition to its main floor brush. These small brushes help to capture the dirt and debris along baseboards and in corners that the main floor brush (located in the center of the foot), can’t get to. These are also helpful when maneuvering around furniture, as the corner brushes will catch the dirt right up against furniture legs. And since BISSELL sweepers have handles that lie flat, you can clean underneath furniture without moving it around.From invention to innovation, our manual sweepers pick up lint, crumbs, and dirt using no electricity or disposable pads. It’s an easy way to keep floors dirt free everyday.

The advantages of corner brushes

A big-time clean doesn’t always mean a big-time size. At BISSELL, we’ve designed several lightweight options to bring you the great cleaning you need in an easy-to-carry design.

Small Living Spaces

We know space can sometimes be at a minimum so we’ve designed powerful floor cleaners that are compact and easy-to-store. Plus, many of our products have narrower cleaning paths making it easier to maneuver around furniture and in small spaces.

An easy to use sweeper
  • 4 corner brushes for cleaning in corners and along edges
  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Safe on carpet, rugs and hard floors
  • Perfect for in-between cleanings
  • Durable design
Designed for bare surfaces and carpets, the Bissell Sturdy Sweep carpet sweeper keeps floors clear of dirt, lint, crumbs, and debris, all without the weight of an engine or the tether of a power cord. The unit operates quietly, using strategically placed brushes to sweep up particles into the generous twin dustpans. The central brush roll provides primary coverage in forward and reverse, while the four brushes at the edges attack areas close to baseboards. Lightweight in action, the sweeper has a slim handle that reclines to horizontal for reaching under beds and sofas and includes a comfortable no-slip grip. Both the handle and the floor pan are crafted from steel for long-lasting durability, and a thick rubber bumper protects furniture legs. Emptying the sweeper's dustpans is simple, and a clip-on comb is included for maintaining the brushes. Standing 43-1/4 inches high, the sweeper measures 10-1/2 by 9-1/2 at the base. Bissell includes a three-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

Rubber Broom

The easiest way to uninfected any floor. This powerful tool will outperform the broom you are using now, and it will last ten times as long. A remarkable rubber h...

  • amylicious@sbcglobal.net

    what are the win out over brooms and mops?

    I am needing to buy a new broom and mop and am just looking for some suggestions on what you extraordinarily liked. Why did you like them? What were the features that you used the most? Why?

    "Sweepa" trade-mark rubber boom/mop. The S2 broom sweeps, washes, scrubs and squeegees, all in one!The rubbber end picks up all dirt - especially fine dirt and hair. You can mop by spilling some hot...

  • Melanie M

    What's the nicest way to remove cat hair from upholstered furniture and throw rugs?

    I do not destitution to buy an expensive machine, and I don't really want to cover my sofa in old sheets.

    Hasten1 Comb the cat's hair. Regular combing loosens and removes any shedding hair rather than the hair attaching itself to the ottoman. Passage2 Vacuum twice a week. The first vacuum is a thorough...

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