Complete amateur repeater

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Views Read Edit View history. Today it is normally possible to programme the transceiver using a computer. A type of system known as a simplex repeater uses a single transceiver and a short-duration voice recorder, which records whatever the receiver picks up for a set length of time usually 30 seconds or lessthen plays back the recording over the transmitter on the same frequency. This means that when operating through an amateur radio repeater it is necessary to have a basic understanding of their operation so that it can be used to provide the most effective performance. This is particularly true, for example, when two mobile stations are moving towards one another. In this way radio hams using small handheld transceivers, or those using mobile equipment in a motor vehicle are able to make many more contacts than they would otherwise be able to do. This is tuned and works very well on

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Coordinating a repeater or frequency with other fixed operations demonstrates good engineering and amateur practice.

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Amateur Radio Repeaters

All the user has to know is which channel to use in which area. It is useful to know the different offsets for differnet countries and different bands so that the transceivers can be programmed appropriately. The actual frequency pair used is assigned by a local frequency coordinating council. This page was last updated: As repeaters are intended mainly for mobile or portable stations, fixed stations should only use them when absolutely necessary and priority should be given to mobile or portable stations. This is the frequency on which the repeater transmits - this is the frequency on which you should listen. The duplexer is a device which prevents the repeater's high-power transmitter on the output frequency from drowning out the users' signal on the repeater receiver on the input frequency.

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complete amateur repeater
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complete amateur repeater
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