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Soothe-Aire 30 Pints Per Day Portable Dehumidifier - 480 W

Soothe-Aire 30 Pints Per Day Portable Dehumidifier - 480 W - Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

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Humidity is a key deputy in your overall comfort. When the air is less humid, you feel more comfortable. And that comfort level occurs at a higher temperature, which means you can set your air conditioner thermostat higher and scrimp on energy costs. A dehumidifier also helps prevent damage to walls and foundations from excess moisture. Wood furniture, fabrics and carpets will up to date longer and smell better with proper humidity. Many electronic devices operate best in a controlled milieu. And finally, maintaining proper humidity helps reduce allergens. Comfort-Aire's BHD-301-G portable dehumidifier are designed to efficiently and meekly remove moisture from the air-and to look good doing it (30 pints per day). Compact, sleek cabinets are stone white in color and bask in easily from room to room on durable casters. All Comfort-Aire portable dehumidifiers come charged with the environmentally-affectionate refrigerant R-410A with low temperature operation to 41°.

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