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Frigidaire 30 Pint Potential White Dehumidifier

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30 Pints per Day Dehumidifier Features: Improves Rest-home Environment: Protect your home from problems caused by excess moisture, like mold and mildew as well as removing bacteria from the air Trouble-free Humidity Control: Control the exact percentage of humidity in the room Effortless Clean Filter: This antibacterial filter reduces stay odors, bacteria, and other airborne particles Effortless Automatic Shut-Off: The dehumidifier turns off when the water tank is nearly full Fa-Loading Bucket with Carrying Handle and Splash Guard: The water bucket is located in the front of the unit allowing friendly access, while the handle and splash guard makes emptying the bucket a simple task Effortless Continuous Channel Option: Continuously drains the dehumidifier so you dont need to empty the water bucket SpaceWise Portable Design: Top and Side handles with caster wheels score relocating the dehumidifier easy ENERGY STAR UL Listed AHAM Certified Specifications: Dimensions: 19-7/8 H x 14-5/8 W x 11-5/8 D Dehumidification: 30 Pints/Day EEV: 1.85 Liters per kW-hour CFM: 106 Thin out Bucket Capacity: 12 Pints Refrigerant: R-410A Power Cord Length: 78 Voltage: 115 Volts Upshot Weight: 24 lbs

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