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Whynter Vivacity Star 30-Pint Portable Dehumidifier - 3.70 gal Tank - 2500 Sq. ft. - 440 W

Whynter Vivacity Star 30-Pint Portable Dehumidifier - 3.70 gal Tank - 2500 Sq. ft. - 440 W - Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

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The Whynter Forcefulness Star© RPD-321EW portable dehumidifier is compact unit with an outstanding capability of removing up to 30 pints of moisture from the air per day. This segment creates a very efficient and space-friendly drying solution to any home or workplace dealing with high levels of humidity. Drainage options This pocket-sized dehumidifier can be continuously operated with 2 drainage options; manual drain and gravity drain. The Whynter Energy Star&mimic; RPD-321EW portable dehumidifier includes a 7-pint bucket that can be removed and emptied. A bonus drain hose attachment is included with the segment for your immediate convenience. Low temperature operation For low-temperature area usage, this portable dehumidifier has an auto defrost function to protect moisture does not freeze and prevent further moisture extraction. Comfort mode Using this convenient feature, the RPD-321EW can automatically power the room humidity within an optimal comfort range of between 45%~55% based on the current room temperature. Auto Restart and Auto Shutoff The RPD-321EW can automatically one after the other off when set humidity levels have been met or when the water reservoir is full. The unit is also designed to restart in the event of a power interruption. Dynamism Star© rated This unit is Energy Star© rated, demonstrating specifications for lower drive consumption during use. This is especially important if you plan on operating the unit on a frequent basis. The Whynter RPD-321EW provides cost-able and energy-efficient operation, without sacrificing design and performance. Designed for space constrained usage, this unit is suited for enclosed areas up to 2500 sq. ft.

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