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PurSteam PS-910  Profound Duty Powerful Fabric Steamer with Fabric Brush and Garment Hanger

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PurSteam PS-910 Profound Duty Powerful Fabric Steamer with Fabric Brush and Garment Hanger by PurSteam

  • ★ 30% HEAVIER DUTY - Cast aluminum heating element allows us to...
  • ★ IRONING BOARDS - Excellent Ironing Board accessory item!
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Product Description
Our design team has worked hard to create a powerful, strong, sturdy, steamer without sacrificing ease of use or versatile functionality. • Job specific attachments to enhance more detailed steaming. • Handy collapsible/adjustable hanger makes eliminating wrinkles easy for your wide-shouldered suit jackets as well as small sequined leotards. Expandable from 15, 17, to 19 inches total! • Handheld steam board to for de-wrinkling those pesky collars, pockets, sleeves plus more! • Crease attachment to provide a more finished look, giving structure and creases to you dress shirts: collars, sleeves, plackets, hems; and pants: crease on trousers, hems, and pleats • Clips to help hold other fabrics, childrens clothing, pillow cases or trousers in place.
Household Essentials 18100-1 StowAway In-Enrage fail Ironing Board Cabinet with Built In Ironing Board - White


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Household Essentials 18100-1 StowAway In-Enrage fail Ironing Board Cabinet with Built In Ironing Board - White by Household Essentials

  • 180-degree rotation for full access to board; accomodates left and...
  • Space-saving wall mount cabinet that goes in the wall in...
  • Two built in shelves allow you to store and hide away your iron and...

Product Description
StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board

Discover the efficiency of the patent-pending StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board from Household Essentials. This easy-to-use board installs between the framing studs in your wall, so your ironing board stays out of sight but close at hand. Inside the cabinet are two shelves with all the space you need to tuck away all your ironing gear, from starch and spray bottles to your still-warm iron thanks to the heat resistant barrier on the deep upper shelf.

Things to Consider Before Installation

Select your installation location. For example, a laundry room, bedroom, or kitchen. The location chosen for the cut out needs to be free of all mechanical and electrical services. The inside width of the board housing is approximately 14.25” wide which will fit walls that are studded 16” on center. Choose which direction to have your cabinet door open. Make sure you have enough room for the board to swivel a full 180°. You’ll need approximately 60” of clearance. Make sure you have an electrical outlet nearby if you have purchased the optional light kit. If you purchased the light kit, have an electrical line run to the unit by a certified electrician. An instructional DVD is included with your StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board for an easy installation.

StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board Features

The ironing board is what makes this StowAway irresistible; it rotates a full 180 degrees so you can use every inch of the board easily and comfortably from either the right or left. With a simple lift, guide and glide, you can adjust the board’s height, providing an easy ironing experience for multiple users. Also included is a one-piece construction Nanomax cover and pad. The housing features two convenient shelves and a garment hook.

180 Degree Rotation
180 Degree Rotation

The StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board rotates a full 180 degrees; 90 degrees to left and 90 degrees to the right.

Adjustable Ironing Surface
Adjustable Board Height

With a simple lift, guide and glide, your board height adjusts approximately two inches for a more comfortable ironing experience.

Storage Shelves

The StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board features two extra deep shelves for storing your ironing accessories. The top shelf has a heat barrier to accommodate hot or cold irons. A convenient garment hook is on the inside of the door.

Finished Quality

The StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board is constructed to the highest standards. Great for any room in the house, the timeless design will complement any décor.

Optional Light
Light Kit

This optional light kit can be purchased separately and comes with a 35 watt halogen light bulb, adjustable arm, built in timer (15 and 30 minutes) and a 3-prong electric outlet. It is best to have this kit installed with the unit by a licensed electrician.

Pads and Covers
Replacement Pads and Covers

The StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board comes with a pad and cover. These replacement pads and covers can be purchased separately. Cover features a one piece construction with a thick fiber pad, bungee cord binding and nose pocket that allows for an easy installation and perfect fit. Fits most in-wall ironing boards with an ironing surface of 40” l x 11.5” - 12” w.

Sustained Board Ironing Board......reliable ironing board

http://tinyurl.ms/326t where you will realize the best price for reliable ironing boards....hurry now for the reduced prices! The Reliable ironing Long board is...

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Use an Ironing Board to Access a Transmitter - Crystal set World

Anyone who’s been in this function for a while will find themselves scratching his or her head at the way some equipment is designed. It’s as if the designer never expected the equipment to fail. Mark Goff handles diminish engineering in Kansas and sent in a picture that’s both funny and practical. One of his clients had a Harris FM20-H transmitter. 1 shows Objective’s high-tech approach to working on the driver tube sockets under the shelf in the 20-H. The drivers in this transmitter instruct a contortionist to get underneath in order to get a good view. However, the ironing board works great. Yes, Mark found that lying on an ironing board positioned his head and arms quite for troubleshooting and repair of this section of the transmitter. I must admit, I have tried lying on wooden boards and long strips of packing foam, but not at all thought of the ironing board. If the uncomfortable position isn’t bad enough, engineers that have tackled this transmitter have more than likely been burned by falling solder, too. When you’re upside-down, it’s intently to get out of the way when solder splashes. I found that a wearing an inexpensive plastic swimming mask protected my eyes, and most of my face, from any falling solder. Cheerfully, Mark says the last “H” model in his stable of stations is gone, replaced by a new GatesAir FAX-20. Mark also sent in a impression of an entire radio station on the floor. 2, it’s amazing what engineers sometimes have to do. Mark was building a new technical operations center, which required all the gear to be removed from the racks — without taking the station off the air. The station lost no appreciable airtime, and the opportunity gave Mark the talents to label and wire all the equipment properly. New Hampshire Public Radio’s Steven Donnell offers an interesting means of protecting copper compass basis bus bars, such as that in Fig. Steven had an instance where a site was vandalized for copper. The copper thief did not take the tinned copper bus bar hardened to ground all the coax grounds. A cell site that was hit at the same time as one of Steven’s sites had three of five ground bars charmed. The two that were not taken, were tinned — go figure. Steven writes that the tinned bus bars are still solid copper underneath, but if the process deters pinching, consider it. Tinned ground bus bars are available from Harger ( www. com ) for nearly the same price as the bare copper bars. Ed Dulaney, regional engineering administrator for Townsquare Media in Texas and Oklahoma, saw our column on good textbooks for entry-level engineers. This was the book 30 years ago that gave Ed a lot of the theory that he still uses to this day. The lyrics includes questions and answers at the end of each chapter, to prepare for the typical FCC second- and first- class radiotelephone license tests, as vigorous as the radar endorsement — boy, am I dating myself. But the volume also offers a thorough discussion of tube technology, in an easy-to-understand dimensions with plenty of drawings. I’ve loaned my copy to engineers taking the SBE certification tests, as the book is so thorough. This was the textbook tempered to by REI (Radio Engineering Inc. ), a national FCC license prep school. Ed adds that any edition of the “NAB Engineering Handbook” would also be a prodigious asset as well. Help fellow engineers — and qualify for SBE recertification credit while. Source: www.radioworld.com

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