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Quickie Debris Dustpan with Handle
Quickie Debris Dustpan with Handle by Quickie

  • Pan swivels and snap locks
  • Can be used for interior and exterior clean-ups
  • 36-inch reinforced steel handle

Product Description
The Quickie Debris Dustpan is up for any job. This professional grade tool helps clean up large messes at home, the garden, jobsite or warehouse. Designed to minimize your back strain, the reinforced steel handle also comes with an ergonomically angled grip. The pan snap locks for greater control and swivels 90 degrees to hold debris in place while transporting. Quickie designs, manufactures and distributes over 300 cleaning products for traditional in-home use as well as contractor and DIY grade applications. The product line includes mops, brooms, dusters, dustpans, brushes, buckets and other supplies.
Janico Inc Special-interest group Dustpan, Black, Aluminum Handle, 40 Inch Overall Length (1)


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Janico Inc Special-interest group Dustpan, Black, Aluminum Handle, 40 Inch Overall Length (1) by Janico

  • 12-inch injection molded plastic swing hopper that locks into...
  • Dustpan swing hopper with easy lock and release for convenient storage
  • Perfect for use at home, office, restaurants, hotels, lobbies,...

Product Description
  • 40-inch overall length black lobby dustpan
  • Upright position lobby dustpan, Light aluminum handle on dustpan for maximum strength
  • 12-inch injection molded plastic swing hopper that locks into dustpan handle in upright position
  • Dustpan swing hopper with easy lock and release for convenient storage
  • Perfect for use at home, office, restaurants, hotels, lobbies, malls, inside, outside and more

Janico Inc Quality
As you know Janico Inc is known for providing quality lobby dustpans, large dustpans, flat dustpans, and much more. We take the principal of quality into works, meaning we put quality over quantity. If you have worked at a restaurant, mall, hotel or lobby you will understand that owning a good quality dustpan is a key to complete the job. Our black lobby dustpan features upright dustpan position once it is locked into 12-inch injection molded plastic swing hopper. Swing hopper features easy lock and release, meaning no more fighting with the lightweight aluminum handle on the dustpan to stay in upright position or bending down to pick up the handle. The best part of our black lobby dustpan is that your nightmares of not finding the broom are over thanks to the broom clip. With the broom clip in mind think about how easy and convenient it will be to store both of these items together in one place. As you can see on the pictures, our lobby dustpan features 12-inch swing hopper which means this dustpan is capable of picking up paper, bottles, cans, plastic, wrappers, and much more. In my opinion you should quit using your old lobby dustpan or flat dustpan and begin a better life with Janico Inc lobby dustpan. After reading our product description you are aware of the benefits of our lobby dustpan.
Our lobby dustpans are perfect for use at home, office, restaurants, hotels, lobbies, malls, inside, outside and more. We will leave the decision up to you.

Rubbermaid Foyer Pro Adjustable Handle Grip for Upright Dustpans - wasserstrom.com

See this devoted product here http://www.wasserstrom.com/restaurant-supplies-equipment/Product_686248?utm_source=google-products&utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_...

  • dolcedee

    What are some tranquilly chores that a toddler could do?

    I have two toddlers that require to help out but they want to do it "all by themselves." I need some ideas for chores that are simple and easy (i.e. putting silverware away, wiping door handles, etc.) Thanks!

    My son is two and loves the following: - Using a duster (he in reality does some good) - Using a dustpan and small broom - Wiping down the table or floor (dry cloth or just lightly dampened with water)

  • Jet-Jet

    Register: Rabbit People-Do you find that your rabbits are fascinated by your broom and dustpan?

    I have one rabbit who tries to kill off the broom, one rabbit who tries to love the broom, one who tries to eat it, and one who is indifferent. They are all fascinated with the dustpan though and will go sit in it. (It's the kind on the long broom...

    Hello My Rabbits pleasure to chase the broom. When I put it in front of them, they try to bite it and they follow it. Its' really adorable.

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Star Clusters That Are Absolutely Dust From Priceless Artifacts - Wired

She was halfway to the core a grant to photograph a New York museum’s collection of Mexican archaeological artifacts. She’d been at it a year already, spending her days in a storage margin where, with a digital camera and strobe, she was slowly photographing all 50,000 objects. She was nervous handling the pieces. The whole thought of her grant was to create large images of the objects to minimize the need for researchers to handle them. But even though she’d been following all the protocol she learned in training—and wearing gloves, which weren’t exclusively necessary—she was dismayed to discover that any time she took out a human bone or a piece of ceramic, it crumbled slightly,... “You handle these objects as carefully as you can, but they still start to fragment apart. “I went to the collections managers and asked what to do about it. They told me to brush the dust off my studio sweep into a dustpan. They said it was bright, but to just try to be as careful as possible. One day, Schulze looked down at her studio sweep and those tiny pieces of dust and debris Heraldry sinister behind struck her differently. Rather than unfortunate casualties of the job, the debris looked to her like celestial formations. She transferred it to a malicious background—like the vast canvas of space—and snapped a photo. “It reminded me of the idea that we’re all made of stardust—Carl Sagan and all that stuff,” she said. Most of the objects she swallow were gathered in the early 20 century, when the collection process was far less careful than it is today. Archaeologists shoveled up the objects, dumped them in a box along with whatever garbage and fragments surrounded it, and closed them up with notes about what was found that still left much to the imagination. As part of her agreement with the museum, Schulze cannot use any photos of the archaeology accumulation beyond including them in her portfolio, so she didn’t tell her bosses about this side project. During the remainder of her time at the museum, Schulze took photos for her series every now and only kept the best six images for the project, currently on display as part of 555 Gallery in Boston through February 14. “I was out there every... “It felt like a in reality personal attachment so I wanted to honor that by not treating it like a job. Source: www.wired.com

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I at length got a dustpan wit the standing handle. I been needing one of these for years! 08/12/13, @Cunning_
I tried to cooly kick the dustpan handle into my manual labourer but instead just hit my wrist really hard. 08/08/13, @maryfmdunn


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Minho portion Sulli handle the broom & dustpan
faithfulness: runningmanclub.blogspot.com
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