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GE WE1M654 Timer Stud Assembly for Dryer


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GE WE1M654 Timer Stud Assembly for Dryer by GE

  • WE1M654
  • Genuine GE factory part
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

Product Description
GE Dryer Timer Knob WE1M654 Replaces WE1M668
WE4M533 GE Dryer Timer
WE4M533 GE Dryer Timer by GE

  • Fits with various GE brand models
  • This is an O.E.M. Authorized part
  • Oem part # WE4M533

Product Description
This is an O.E.M. Authorized part. Fits with various GE brand models. Oem part # WE4M533. The product is manufactured in Mexico.

Delightful apart GE electric dryer

For more videos inflict my website at http://goo.gl/yK80M.

  • roxy

    Is it actually worth it to spend more money and buy the LG dryer? Its about 300.00 more than the GE Profile?

    I humble dryers really aren't "energy efficient" Am I really getting a better dryer if I'm paying more money? I don't need a washer, and since they are in my basement it really doesn't matter if they match. Any thoughts?

    Consumer Reports has shown over and over in this head of appliances that price does not equal value. LG appliances, in general, don't rate very highly. A basic model of dryer would calling just fine.

  • Alfred M

    GE energized dryer would not start after door was opened?

    GE energized dryer model#dvl223eaoww

    It's not presumed to start with the door open. If you mean that it would not start again after you opened and then CLOSED the door, then that's different. Maybe the interlock deflection is bad, or...

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Vilipend “Laundry Lag”: Use Your Smartphone to Stay on Top of Laundry ... - The FINANCIAL

The Economic -- GE’s new, high-efficiency washer and dryer pair— redesigned to meet new 2015 energy requirements—will hit the buy in May with Wi-Fi capability and an app of their own. GE’s My Washer and My Dryer apps will allow consumers to manage laundry tasks—such as checking cycle importance or adding time to the dry cycle—from their smartphones, according to General Electric. 65 percent of consumers have a smartphone, and Flurry reports that consumers pay out more than two hours on their phones each day. Given that four out of five women and two out of three men spend some time each day doing household activities, such as laundry, putting the app in appliances benefits most American households, according to Nielsen. “Checking on the laundry while cooking dinner or putting the kids to bed is a convenience that will resonate with most people,” said Jennifer Schoenegge, goods manager for GE’s topload laundry products. “Laundry tends to be the forgotten chore until you need that favorite partner of jeans or a soccer uniform. Having an app on your phone makes the chore of laundry easier by keeping you up-to-date on what is episode in your laundry room without having to be there,” he added. GE’s My Washer and My Dryer app factors in what consumers need most from a connected laundry match up:. Monitor cycle status and time remaining. There is no need to constantly visit the laundry room waiting for your laundry to achieve. The app will allow you to see how much time is left until the cycle completes. With laundry rooms tucked out of sight, forgetting to whip loads from the washer to the dryer is pretty common. The app can remind you when you have forgotten to move a load from the washer to the dryer. Consumers can preset cycles they use most, such as Busy Wear or Quick Wash. Extend dryer cycle. Delay the rush to fold clothes and minimize wrinkles stage set in. Keep that cycle going from your phone. In addition to Wi-Fi connectivity, GE outfitted the new laundry pair with features that play into its inquiry findings for laundry. Here are consumers’ top priorities when it comes to laundry:. People want to accomplish more in less time, so larger loads are incredibly popular. GE’s new topload washers boast at least a 40 percent larger capacity than the previous generation of topload washers. Along with more dwelling, the washer and dryers have larger openings, so pulling out that last sock can be accomplished without the capabilities of a yoga instructor. The new dryer can demand the title of “largest dryer door opening in the industry. Consumers don’t want to spend time muddling over how to liquidate mud stains. The new washer has a stain removal guide that identifies four of the most common stains and automatically adjusts the deliver cycle to remove them. GE also takes the guesswork out of drying clothes with CleanSpeak™ technology. The dryer sets the controls for the next saddle with automatically based on the wash cycle just completed. The time-saver option whittles cycle time by 10 percent. Stub off your laundry chores more quickly. The washer (GTW860SSJWS) has an MSRP of $1,099 and the dryer (GTD86E(G)SSJWS) has an MSRP of $1,199. Both come guideline in white but can be upgraded to metallic carbon for an estimated $100 each, according to General Electric. Source: finchannel.com

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    GE Appliances is at the forefront of structure innovative, energy-efficient appliances that improve people's lives. GE Appliances' products count refrigerators, freezers, cooking products, dishwashers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, water

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    For lesson, Whirlpool's clothes dryers with 6th Sense Live have a sensor that measures airflow, heat and moisture volume, and computer chips that can communicate to their owners via text message or email alerting them to problems or notifying them


I amity them old school ge dryers, very nice machines. (@YouTube http://t.co/CpU4WRZHCl) 08/10/13, @SublimeMasterJW
GE face load washer & dryers on sale now... Just so u don't have to keep airing ur dirty laundry 08/07/13, @wickedarmstrong


  • Travelling b stairway-by-step Dryer Repair Manual

    1990. 101 pages.

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    With memories of Superstorm Sandy still unsophisticated, Consumer Reports has tested another ... running on natural gas or propane from a large tank. Of the trio, the Kohler 14RESAL, $3,700, was tucker and, like most of the stationary units we tested ...

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    Go b investigate out more vintage pics, including an ad for a hair-dryer that looks like some sort of pink, portable Cerebro, I kid you not, at GE’s The Archives Pinboard.

  • Ultrasound Systems Suppliers

    ft. per notes to 6000 cu. ft. per minute recirculating dryer blower & less than 80 dBA sound level. Optional accessories available list oil skimmer, coalescing oil separator, ultrasonics, final fresh water or water rinse header & additional tank.

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