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Goldstar Dehumidifier DH40 w/Auto Shutoff & Hose Connecting
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Goldstar Dehumidifier DH40 w/Auto Shutoff & Hose Connecting

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LDR 504 1300 Rubber Utility Disbursement Hose, 5-Foot

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LDR 504 1300 Rubber Utility Disbursement Hose, 5-Foot by LDR Industries

  • 5-Foot Rubber hose
  • 3/4-Inch female connection on one end
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Description
5 Foot rubber utility drain hose with 3/4" female connection on one end. For use when ever an extension is needed.
Apex REM 15 15-Foot Connector Hose Remnants, Colors May Change

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Apex REM 15 15-Foot Connector Hose Remnants, Colors May Change by Apex

  • Made in USA; measures 15-feet by 5/8 inches
  • Made of reinforced materials
  • This hose is not intended for drinking water use.

Product Description
Not for Hot Water Use

EdgeStar - DEP400/650/700/740 Handy Dehumidifier Installation

Surroundings up and installing the EdgeStar portable dehumidifier. This video covers the DEP400/650/700 dehumidifiers. - http://www.edgestar.com - Operation - Buc...

  • Andy C

    Can you buy a heater for a dehumidifier uninterrupted drainage hose?

    I have a dehumidifier with a ceaseless drainage hose that goes outside. Is there such a thing as a hose heater to stop the water in the pipe freezing in the winter?

    Certain... Home Depot or other hardware/home supply stores carry a "tape" that provides heat to water lines. Plugs into 110v and heats just to preserve above freezing. comes in different lengths. It is...

  • curious1223

    How to politely operate/program dehumidifier while we are away?

    We bought a dehumidief at a walmart (that's the only retailer within 45 miles in sylvan western maryland) to use in the basement of our vacation log home. It had settings for both cycle (2 or 4 hours on and off) and percent humidity (ranges from 35...

    One other point to keep in mind is that the dehumidifier puts out a significant amount of heat when it's running, helping to dry out the space. You might also consider plugging the dehumidifier...

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Culture to live aboard: drips, catnip and heeling in slips - Three Sheets Northwest (blog)

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  • Shopping Scout

    07/20/13 ,via Allentown Morning Call

    Dog cages: Dale is looking for two foolish dog cages for dogs that he rescued. Dehumidifier: Helen of Bethlehem is looking for a dehumidifier for her basement. It needs to have an adaptor so a drain hose can be spoken for. SEGA game: Matthew of

  • Well-versed Shopper: Portable air conditioners

    07/31/13 ,via NorthJersey.com

    Somerset the unit to wherever you need it, install the window air exchange panel and hose, and turn it on. Idylis 13000-BTU Little Air Conditioner with Heater. BUYERS' TIPS. Features may include remote control, timer and dehumidifier standard operating procedure. A heat-pump 


I replaced the dehumidifier outgo hose all by myself. Made more impressive cuz it's in the basement = scariest room in the house! #empowered 08/10/13, @KarenBFox


  • Superintendent's, organizational, direct support, and general support maintenance manual


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wires dehumidifier hoses drill

Tutor in lower right corner
Murali adjusts the exercise. This is where the dehumidifier hose will exit. The wall is 3 ft thick. Note the two tubes/posts spewing wires in the foreground. They are full up with cables and wires for the gas lines...
Photo by Focus Fusion on Flickr

basement dehumidifier homeimprovement

Hose adapter
There is a knockout that I removed from the back. The item came with the garden hose attachment so I just put everything together. If only finding a short garden hose was as easy...
Photo by Vincent Ma on Flickr

basement dehumidifier homeimprovement

Dehumidifier on a raised party line
This way the mineral water that drained from the unit can easily travel down the hose.
Photo by Vincent Ma on Flickr

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