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Besmirch® 8001P Universal Portable Transducer Bracket
Besmirch® 8001P Universal Portable Transducer Bracket by Scully

  • Portable Transducer Bracket
  • For boats with 15-20 in. transom height and up to 2-1/8 in. thickness
  • Simple depth adjustment provides low- and high-speed readings

Product Description
Finish rigging up the fish finder on your pontoon or other boat with these Transducer Brackets. Pontoons need a little special attention when it comes to getting rigged up with electronics. Pick one up of these Transducer Brackets today and make sure your barge is ready to hit the high seas with its electronics intact! Choose either a permanent mount Bracket, or try the Universal Portable Bracket, it works for most sea-faring vessels. The details: Mounts to front of pontoon for best results, but can be fitted on rear of boat as well; Installs and removes quickly and easily; Fits pontoons with up to 4 1/4" platform skirt. Also fits thick transom boats up to 3 1/2" thick; Simple depth adjustment provide low and high speed readings; Adjustment range 18' to 26", thick transom adjustment range is 16" to 24"; Tough aluminum construction. Weighs 2 lbs. Get your pontoon ready for the season! Order ONLINE Today! Sully 8001P Universal Portable Transducer Bracket.

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WITH CAREY RUSS 2014 Lexus RX 450h AWD with 2015 update - Autochannel (prod release)

DRIVING DOWN THE Route. 2014 Lexus RX 450h AWD with 2015 update. Since the debut of the original Lexus RX 300 back in 1998, the mid-sized Lexus self-indulgence crossover has become a class benchmark and the Lexus sales leader. The RX product range was expanded in 2005 with the opening hybrid version, the RX 400h. Which morphed into RX 450h form with the next generation in mid-2009, and then got a freshening for model year 2013. If there have been no important styling changes... 2015 sees further updates with standard Display Audio seven-inch monitor with word systems, an upgraded standard audio system, and standard backup camera. And there are the usual changes to option packages and their contents. Nobody of those changes affect the basic nature of the RX, so the 2014 RX 450h that has been my test car for the past week should be insignificantly different from its 2015 counterpart. As before, it's a uncensored series-parallel gasoline-electric hybrid that can run under gasoline power only, purely electric power, or any degree of mosaic of the two. My test RX was the all-wheel drive variant, which means that a separate electric motor-generator at the rear provides traction power when the authority computer deems that necessary. As has been the case for some years now, the sometimes non-linear throttle response and noticeable power-manner changes that made early Toyota hybrids feel different from regular internal-combustion cars are crave-gone. The only way to tell what's powering this one is to look at the information display. Befitting a luxury vehicle, the RX 450h is quiet and enjoyable whether around town or at speed on the highway. The crossover body has one important advantage for a hybrid compared to a sedan -- the compound system battery pack can be placed so that there is no loss of passenger or luggage space. And in the RX 450h there is plenty of both. On the road, the RX is a fashionable luxury car at heart, emphasizing passenger comfort and a smooth ride over cornering prowess. Still, it's firmer than its ancestors, and apt of getting you anywhere on pavement or perhaps improved forest roads (6. 7 inches of clearance is not going to move the offroad crowd) in total comfort. Fuel economy is laudable for its size, 25 mpg for my week with a bit more highway driving than set and as little stop-and-go traffic as possible. Which is the opposite of a hybrid's most efficient domain, but still better than most other comparably-sized crossovers. Consolation, cachet, and fuel economy,it must be a Lexus hybrid. A new RX is instantly recognizable as such due to the shape and especially shape of the D-pillars and slope of the back part window. The major change for the current model came for model year 2013, with an early implementation of the "spindle" grille that mirrored the trapezoidal cast of the upper part in outline below that. As with other Lexus (and Toyota) hybrids, blue around the corporate badge in the grille denotes mixture. COMFORT: It's instantly recognizable as a Lexus from the inside, with premium materials and close tolerances. The styling motif is neither too stable nor too radical, with organically-flowing shapes and multiple forms and textures. It looks good, but style never trumps affluence. Laminated bamboo serves as the wood of choice here, different from the usual walnut or maple and hardly. Source: www.theautochannel.com


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  • 2004 lowe Boats Unmodified / Jon Boat in Louisiana

    07/09/14 ,via Louisiana Sportsman

    Scully's Aluminum and Architecture is the south's leader in building custom aluminum boats and other metal applications. 2008 20' Skeeter ZX20 Bay. Great Condition. 150 Yamaha V-Max. Charm Tilt trailer. 8' PowerPole. 36 volt trawling motor system.

  • Camping declining at resident parks

    05/16/14 ,via Mohave Daily News

    NEW YORK (AP) — The horde of overnight camping stays in national parks has declined in the past 15 years. More than 9.2 million overnight camping stays were recorded in the native parks 15 years ago in 1998. The number dropped to 8.54 million five ...

  • CRA Welcomes New Review Vessel

    03/31/14 ,via Marine Link

    The new view yacht will be all-aluminum construction with a 9-foot cabin console and two 115 horsepower outboard engines. Scully’s Metal Fabrication ... and Associates on the construction of the ship. With no name chosen yet, the boat will certainly ...


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Scully’s Aluminum Boats, Inc. is described as Serious QUALITY, LOW MAINTENANCE, CUSTOMIZABLE aluminum weld boats. From customized work boats to high end pleasure boats ...

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Builds levy aluminum boats and other metal applications. Find product information, driving directions and contact list.

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Scully's Aluminum Boats. 96 likes. Engineering, Drafting, Cnc Plasma Venomous, Cnc Milling, Fabrication, Welding, Outboard Mechanics, Repairs

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Beau id: 2684LC2 - Hull: 10059

Beau id: 2684LC2 - Hull: 10059

Scully’s Aluminum Boats resides at 1015 Stephensville Means in Morgan ...

Scully’s Aluminum Boats resides at 1015 Stephensville Means in Morgan ...

Beau id: 1872V Hull: 9369

Beau id: 1872V Hull: 9369